>DANIEL [Daniel1:17]
This is one of my most cherished, desired, honoured and allowed biblical character. Unapologetically, I want to sound it well that, Daniel was not just a name of a personality but a system, a system of courage, faith, excellence and the embodiments of God’s knowledge and divergent gifts, which he[Daniel as a person] inherently exercised/utilized experientially for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Babylon.
Daniel was one of the Israelites who once worked with the King of Judah-King Jehoiakim but thereafter recruited to work with King Nebuchadnezzar when the King of Judah-King Jehoiakim and his people were exiled in Babylon. So,  they were men who were excellent in wisdom, cunning knowledge, skill and understanding of all Languages but Daniel was exceptional in all[Daniel1:4].

This is a man[system] who through commitment to serving God and seeing that the will of God prevails deprived and denied himself of the King’s scrumptious and delicious meal. He via denial of self and its pleasure institutionalized favour. Little bamboozled was i at what Apostle Paul in 1Cor6:12,13 says “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.”
Because Daniel had empirically shown it in Babylon, by denying himself of King Nebuchadnezzar’s scrumptious meal. Mind you, whenever one denies oneself of anything pleasurable just to reveal the glittering image of God, though through a painful, displeasured, hungered process. He [God] is always ready to show himself gloriously in the Life of such a one.

As earlier said, Daniel was not just a name christened on somebody but also a system of favour, which was birthed through total submission to the government of God. Having denied himself of the King’s delicious meal, God made him to find favour in the sight of the Prince of Eunuchs. Believably, it is worth of stating here that, before one can confidently enjoy the favour of God and that of men[Luke2:52] undeniably, such a one must have subjected himself under deprivations that are purposefully projected to debase the standard of God, because God has a standard that everyone must maintain. That of Daniel was “not to eat of the King’s delicious meal” while that of Adam and Eve was “not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and of evil”. Little wonder am I when Prophet Isaiah says “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the West, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come like a flood, the spirit of the LORD shall lift up a ‘standard’ against him”. One must have maintained God’s standard before God can lift up a standard against his enemy, so, this was what Daniel did that made him a triumphant during his time.
[ Daniel 1:20]

    “A gold unrefined is not yet gold, and
    it cannot glitter as one, until it is
    refined-a process of time”.

So, God has ways[systems] of refining devout persons, such systems are total submission, renunciation, denial and disconnection from whatever that will not depict his glory. In the process of time, God will definitely announce such a devout person who endured the pain, shame and hardship during the  season of waiting, preparing and sharpening [Isaiah40:29,30,31].

The system of the unknown factor was institutionalized via Daniel’s devotion and commitments to the service of God. Mysteries were revealed to him consequent upon the fact that he had given himself totally to doing the business of God at all costs. Hasn’t it surprised you, how a man could have given account and interpreted the dream that was not told to him but had by another person? So, Daniel was such a system on whom the revelatory force of mysteries were available. “He[Daniel] was a man who through Divine inspiration know the unknown”. Truly, King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged this[Daniel2:47].

Daniel was a very devoted personality who even when the decree was enacted to restraining him from calling on God[Praying], persisted. He did not compromise his faithfulness to God but rather kept watch over his prayer life without minding the irreversible Decree, though being a bosom servant to the King, King Darius but the hand of the clock could not be overturned/revised according to the law of Medes and Persians [Daniel6:12]. Consequently, when he was found guilty, he did not deny the offence but humbly and confidently accepted the verdict, knowingfully well who he had by his side[God]. Thereafter, God revealed his majestic presence and his mightiness to him by sending his angel to shut the mouths of the Lions [Daniel6:22]. “Please there is more to knowing, serving and being a project in God’s hand!”

In a time as this, it is expected that, we[the genuine believers] should not be lost between what to do whenever anything of Daniel’s kinds are happening. Because God always has glory to obtain from such happenings that are orchestrated to defile the blameless image of God in Christ[ian] in this dispensation, if only one can deny oneself pleasures and passions. Thereafter, the glory would be beneficial to the pleasurable seasons aborted[Isaiah61:3; Zephaniah 3:20].

>A man who understands all things, who could interact with angels[Daniel9:21,22]. He was such an adventurous man with passion for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the institutionalization of God’s Kingdom in Babylon. I admire him!
>A man who through thorns, Lions Den, Scrumptious Meal subdued men, Kings, Queens, perpetrators of evil, opposers of the advancement of God’s Kingdom and defended/defeated territories, governments for God.
>He is a system to be admired[Daniel1:5,8;6:8,9,10,11,22,23,24].
>He, Daniel[a system] broke the scientific understanding which states that “it is what you had experienced/encountered that you could account for”. He, Daniel gave account of and equally interpreted the dream that was dreamed by King Nebuchadnezzar which he could not know by himself after he had dreamed. With this, King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged the revelatory system of God upon him[Daniel]  and gave God glory deservedly [Daniel2:47]. Daniel is a system that should be followed meticulously by the Youth of this dispensation. I admire him[Daniel and his systems] passionately and I equally want to be one of his kind despite the requisite sacrifices that accompany the endeavour.
Let us dare to run this race with all perseverance by denying all forms of pleasures that are orchestrated to debase the very form of God in us. The very express image of God can still be expressed through humanity even in a time as now, if only we can wait on God then we will mount up with refined wings of eagles into the immortal dimensions of God, whereby we exercise the authority of the Divinity upon the face of the Earth [Isaiah40:30; Hebrews 1:3].

May God grant this generation the grace to wait on him, by despising the shame, pleasure, tempestuous storms, challenges of all kinds and temptations that may come to debase the very nature of God in us. In order to obtain the knowledge of the fact that we are gods upon the Earth in this dispensation [Psalms82:6] .



“This is not purportedly written
to foment gross-misconduct{s},
Criminality and its callous brothers,
but to avert the incessant breaching
of the citizenries’ fundamental rights to life, and right to fair hearing”.

Empirically, before the definition of the soulless and illegal term[Jungle justice/mob action] is given, I will like to state paraphrasingly, Chief Gani Fawehinmi [SAN]: “it is unlawful to be lawful in a lawless society. He concluded that unless government is ready to obey Court Judgement, not minding whose ox is gored, this act of lawlessness and impunity called Jungle justice will continue in great proportion”. The words of the ever celebrated Legal Lord were not without reasonable substance that ought to have propelled total adherence to the laws. The truth is that, every person is seeing the country from his standing pole. Like seven blind men who were told to cut the elephant from the neck, everyone of them started cutting it from where his hand could touch, believing that that was the neck. That is the situation of some Nigerians. Until Nigerians see one thing from the stand point of law, this, and many other lawless acts will persist in their coexistence. Personally, I see jungle Justice as an unlawful illegal or non-judicial killing of suspect who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence.

Authoritatively, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, Jungle justice or Mob Action is an assemblage of many people, acting in violent and disorderly manner, defying the law, and committing, or threatening to commit, depredation upon property or violence to persons. Lamentingly, it is so sad enough to always see persons executed with this cruel tool of unsocial and illegal engineering maliciously under the cover of keeping side with law, deliberately taking law to their hands. As it was once said by Barr. Okeke Onyekabuchi; “jungle Justice is not justice at all, but a travesty of Justice, since it does not guarantee fairness to anyone”. Truly, jungle Justice/Mob Action is a threat to the elementary rights of the citizenries. It slaughters human right upon the altar of exasperation and infuriation where Justice is always voided.Over the years, Nigeria had recorded countless number of the cases of jungle Justice/mob Action, which had glaringly thrown some muds on the living and dying fame of the country.

Conspicuously; it is always a deliberate attempt by some societies in Nigeria to addictively perpetuate this callous act, basically to smuggle the rudimentary rights of the citizenries. Jungle justice/mob Action had maliciously infringed the law by jumping above the edge of protection around the Citizenries. As it is enshrined in Sec.33[1] CFRN 1999 as amended; every person has a right to life, and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria. As it is obviously stated in the section and subsection thereup, no person has the right to take the life of another person in the name of keeping side with law. Except if such person was convicted by a Court in Nigeria for a criminal offence, the killing which can only be done the law enforcement agencies and not ordinary person. Therefore, any other person found functioning in this cadre is breaching the fundamental right of life of that person who such action was taken upon/the victim. Such perpetrator of this act had taken the law into his hands, and had to be brought to book for the lingering wraths of the law have its way.

Credably, I know that, it will not be extraneous to opine the manner with which suspect(s) are to be arrested, as it enshrined in Sec.20,21,22,23 of Administration of Criminal Justice Act, ACJA 2015, it is legally required, stating Sec.23[1][b] that a private person who arrests a suspect without a warrant shall immediately hand over the suspect so arrested to a police officer, or, in the absence of a police officer, shall take the suspect to the nearest police station, and the police officer shall make a note of the name, address and the other particulars of the private person making the arrest. And where there is reason to believe that the provisions of section 18[1] of this act, a police officer shall re-arrest him. Also Sec.18[1] which states the right of police officer to arrest suspect without warrant. So, it is not constitutionally and legally expected of the society to exert their infuriation in this cruel form, but rather to also play the role of a watchdog and a predator seeking prey to feed on. It shall be worthwhile to say that, any person/society shall be made to face the dreaded wraths whenever this is breached(that is, the commission of the heinous crime: murder). This parchydermatous act {Jungle justice/Mob Action} is not just an infringement of the citizenries right to life but also that of fair hearing. As it stands out in Sec. 36[5] CFRN 1999 as amended; every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty: providing that nothing in this section shall invalidate any law by reason only that the law imposes upon any such person the burden of proving particular facts. Even in Sec.6[a,b,c,d&e], the considerations and chance to be given to the suspect are aptly stated therein.

Infallibly, I fearlessly want to say that this practice is anachronistic, archaic, illegal, local and antique deterring approach. It is a soulless that should have been abhorred and detested, which knowingfully well the Constitution is not in alignment with it. Trial by ordeal as it is legally known as banned approach of punishing those culprit of a particular criminal offence, settlement of disputes between two parties. But, favourably speaking, the law had silent, taken the deadly stings of trial by ordeal[Jungle justice/mob Action] in its entirety, as it can be seen in Sec.208 of Criminal Code Act, CCA 2004: Any person who directs or controls or presides at any trial ordeal which unlawful is guilty of a felony, and is liable, when the trial which such person directs, controls or presides at results in the death of any party to the proceeding, to the punishment of death, and in every other case to imprisonment for ten years. Affirmatively, having unearthed the masked face of the law on whoever[any person] that is perpetrating the heinous act. It will be pertinent to also state why suspect shall not even be tortured as it can be found in Sec.8[1][a][b] ACJA 2015: A suspect shall: be accorded humane treatment, having regard to his right to the dignity of his person, and not be suspect to any form of torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. Written thereup must be observed and not by burning God’s Creation to ashes without properly judicial trial(s). I see this soulless act as a premeditated act of wickedness. I holistically plead that the law and the law enforcement agencies should not be silent over this. For, it rubbing the parched image of the underdeveloped young country [Nigeria] in the muds, and it shall continue to be, if pre-emptive legal measures are not taken to tackle it timely. Although I do see this atrocious local administration of Justice [Jungle justice/mob Action] as what can be referred to as “homo homini lupus[man (is a) wolf to man] in legal Maxim. So credably, it is an exertion of the element of evil/the evil tendency in man. It is high time this atrocious act is deterred and extirpated in its entirety, if Nigeria must sustain, obtain, and attain the civil and democratic cadre in the international societies.

This soulless act had grown over times and it had been in existence over the years, and its incessant spreading/increment is vehemently threatening the legal development of this Country. Because, if this is yet practised and seen in this country, it therefore means that the clench of the law cannot apprehend the fomenting strength of criminality. And it will always make the law in this part of the world seemingly susceptible and feebly enacted that hold the wrist of crime. This also has more answers to give to the most prevalent questions of; where are the fundamental rights? Where is equity? Where is democracy? Where is the civil society whose lubricated wheels ought to have been the law? Nevertheless, if these questions thereup can be answered favourably, we must say NO to jungle justice/mob Action and unmuffle the mute Constitution/laws of the country that deal punitively with this parchydermatous display of wickedness. Over the years, Nigeria had recorded countless number of Justice justice/mob Action, just five months ago, it was revealed by Daily Trust Newspaper that No fewer than 104 persons have fallen victim of jungle justice in at least 26 of the 36 states of Nigeria between January and December last year [2019]. A review of Newspaper reports by Daily Trust indicates that out of the number of victims within the period, 73 were reportedly killed by mob Actions, while 31 others sustained various degrees of injuries from incidences of severe beatings. Some of the victims which were suspected to have committed crimes such as armed robbering, kidnapping and other related actions, were either stoned to death or set ablaze in the process at the very spot of commission. The cases of jungle justice/mob Action were in high proportion and incessantly occur in Lagos and Bayelsa States, followed by Abuja, Cross River, Benue and Delta States. The other States where cases of Jungle justice/mob Action resulting in deaths and injuries to Victims were documented are Anambra, Ondo, Katsina, Ekiti, Edo, Enugu, Abia, Kwara, Oyo, and Nasarawa States. Others are, Ebonyi, Zamfara, Kaduna, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Kogi, Nigeria, Ogun, and Plateau States. Among persons that fell victim were Police officer, one-chance robbery suspect, suspected motorcycle thieves, allegedly homosexuals, and cattle rustlers. One of the eccentric incidence of jungle justice was reported from Liokom Village in Wanihen Community, Yola Local Government Area of Cross River State, on may 29, 2019, where a man was allegedly buried alive by angry villagers for beheading his elder brother. Daily Trust Newspaper also revealed another outrageous incidence of Jungle justice that was done on a young boy identified as Temitope Adeoye who was burnt to death after he was said to have been falsely accused of being a thief at Cele-Ijesha Area of Lagos State on Monday, February 11, 2019. Temitope, who worked at Tin Can Island, Apapa Port, was on his way from the Office that evening, when he met his death ugly. He was said to have highlighted at Cele-Ijesha Bus-Stop, and was about to mount the commercial motorcycle that would have taken him home when some boys in the area shouted “thief, thief” and pointing at him. Before he could say anything, he was rough handled, beaten up, stabbed and then set ablaze-what a man cruety to man! The jungle justice case I shall not forget in a hurry is the disheartening case of four students of the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria on October 5, 2012, who were beaten and burnt to death by Lynch mob, for allegedly stealing a Blackberry Phone and a Laptop. Also, in 2012, a little boy was burnt alive at Surulere, Lagos after which it was said that he merely alleged to steal.

Unapologetically, I deem it pertinent to abreast us with some courts Cases and some Legal masquerades’ relevant assertions/obiter dictum cum judicial precedence. A legal practitioner, Abubakar Sani once said, Jungle justice is a criminal offence. He said “if a suspect or any person is found committing an offence, the only power you have under the law is to apprehend him, if you can and handle him over to appropriate law enforcement agencies”. The extract above was aptly asserted, because the only legal duty the society on suspect for a particular crime is elementarily to bring the suspect to book and not to prosecute. Justice Muhammad of the Nigerian Supreme Court, in the Case of Spiess V. Oni has this to say: “my noble Lords law is meant to provide peace, security, protection, Concord and purposed co-existence amongst citizens. No reasonable society will encourage resort self-help for whatever reason and not certainty on mere suspicion”. These purposes of the law as so opined by the erudite learned justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria had over times been infringed with impunity. Also, in one of the celebrated case of Kaza V. State; the supreme Court vehemently frowned at the lynching of a Muslim by his music brothers who accused him of insulting prophet Mohammed and slaughtered him on the out-skirts of the city as a result. In dismissing their appeal and upholding the sentence of death by hanging imposed on them by the High Court of Kebbi State for culpable homicide, the Supreme Court condemned the evil of mob Action/jungle justice.

Suggestively; having known that it will not be out of place to suggest some pre-emptive measures that can ameliorate this callous act. It is my discretion that these followings shall go a long way to restoring the hope of this evil-inhabited-society[Nigeria].

[1] Educating the society about the requisite laws, duties and punishiments. It is almost a general beliefs that, if the masses can be inculcated and educated about the law requires of them, their duties and the punishments that follow when these law is infringed upon. The socitey would sit-tight, and thereby relinquish taking the law into its hands.

[2] The Criminal Justice System in the Country {Nigeria} must be reinvigorated to always ensure that those perpetrators of the heinous act shall be brought to book promptly. In this line, Dr Amaechi Nwaokolo once said; “in order to avoid jungle justice in Nigeria, the judicial system must restore confidence in people who seek justice. The criminal Justice System and the law enforcement agencies must be allowed to work very effectively”.

[3] Public Enlightenment: The public should be enlightened by the relevant authorities such as the National Orientation Agency, on the need for Nigerians to desist from taking the laws into their hands and to report criminals/suspects to appropriate agencies. This was also suggested by Dr Amaechi Nwaokolo.

In conclusion; It is apt to be abreast with the position of laws[legal pace] on this soulless act[Jungle justice/mob Action], as seen in Sec.207,208,209 of Criminal Code Act, CCA 2004. These sections which referred to this heinous, archaic, antique and cruel approach of administering justice as Trial by Ordeal. The sections mentioned thereup equally repealed the unfriendly friend legal and human development-Jungle justice/mob Action, inspire of this, some societies had deliberately refuted to turn off from. I hereby want to legal sound it as a deterring warning that our duties as Citizenries are not to prosecute but rather to help the law enforcement agencies in bringing the suspect[s] to book. As it is seen in Sec.20, 21,22, and 23 of Administration of Criminal Justice Act, ACJA 2015, and not to punish, beat, kill, and burn such suspect[s] during the process of apprehension. Inhumane treatment should be prohibited during apprehension on the ground of helping the law, thereby, taking the laws into their hands. It can also stand out in Sec. 8[1][a][b] of Administration of Criminal Justice Act, ACJA 2015 as aforementioned, that; “A suspect shall: be accorded humane treatment, having regard to his right to dignity of his person, and not be subjected to any form of torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. The law is wiser than we think. Let the perpetrators of this act be guided, as the law will not take it friendly with them. Seeing the dignity of Nigeria restored is my utmost desire.



It would be a worthless effort for one to solemnly rely on thinking, as if it was the only mental exercise. Thinking alone as a similitudes with building a duplex or a gigantic edifice without roofing, it is like cooking a scrumptious food and afterwards, constrained from eating it.“Reasoning is far deeper than Thinking“.No renowned firm in the world today would give a notable position to a thinker.
Thinking is good but it is a mental exercise for the feeble and gullible minds, while Reasoning is a mental exercise of the prudence. Remain imperturbed in yielding to the Clarion call of Reasoning.Allusively, God knew that reasoning is a very imperative mental endeavour. He(God) summoned the lost souls to come to Him to reasoning out the intricate and sordid side of the coin they had turned. “Come now, and let us reason together, Says the LORD, though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool”.(Isaiah1:18).
Mind you, it is only when one reasons that what one thought of is influenced desirably.One of the significant things that distinguishes a BOSS from a LEADER is that, a BOSS thinks while a LEADER put more of his times into Reasoning.
See, it would be counted erroneous exercise of the mind, a potent dream never had, a mere mental stress or mental fantasy and an improbable adventure never got to, if all one does is just to “Think Big” without Reasoning bigger than one thinks. Such a one should be ready for a big shock.Why we have miserable shocks almost daily in Nigeria? It’s because, we have WEAK HEADS THAT CANNOT REASON IN SOME VITAL HELMS OF POWER.The heinous mistake a man would ever made, is to take preference in Thinking to Reasoning.Have you ever reasoned in your Life?
Have you ever seen the results of it?Reasoning is a payable endeavour one needs to undertake. I believe if true men would undergo this mental exercise, the world would experience swift transformation.
“Pro Bono publico”(for the public good).You can go with both wheels, work on your mind, stress yourself and do those things that stress you.
The acme will definitely be our starting point.® Keep Reasoning
© Pavilion of Justice ✍️



Mind you, you can never beat your past. Remember, you can only make a new move.

Effecting Lives positively isn’t a product of pride but of humility.

And there are categories of people on this planet Earth, that you cannot underestimate, they must be at peace with you. If you want your voice to be heard. Search them out.

“I think, therefore I am”.
Rene Descartes.

Man is a revolutionary organism, so, that makes man to change birthing from what he had contemplated(think) on/of. What we hold on to jealously today, were what we once thought of yesterday…I wasn’t bamboozled about why, Rene Descartes spoke contradictorily to what John Locke called ‘tabula Rasa'(clean slate) in John Locke’s most honoured article, “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”. Because Rene Descartes knew that every human being has this rationality towards  the vicissitudesness of Life that man is prone to fall victim of, and equally even at birth growth, development, understanding started. Human being start thinking at birth.

So, where you are today is a resultant effect of what you could think of yesterday. How far and how your thoughts would linger today, would be the determinant factors to revamping and paving ways for your better tomorrow.

Always think beyond the bars of impossibilities. Allusively, it is biblically certain and divinely endorsed that, “A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men”. However, your gift remain dormant, if you don’t think your out.

® Keep Thinking
©Pavilion of Justice ✍️




A time when the mouth moves faster
When the mind reports sluggishly
When the eyes feeds the mind lower
Now is the time heart ruminates profusely.

What a deteriorating time we are!
When the breeds of Jezebel corrupts the root of Jeremiah,
Oh! The breeds of Jezebel!
Why art thou decided to corrupt with rebel?

I plead with the time to tell thy inhabitants,
The Spotless tablet “shall thou dwell with
Jezebel to extirpate Jeremiah?”
A voice says “No to Jezebel’s participant”,
Tell the tenants of Jeremiah to walk
with the scriptural attire.

The time says “Welcome to my cozy reality,
Exhaust me now, before thy inferiority!


THE POTENT LEGAL ALTAR & THE UNDEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE ORDER IN DISGUISE: Mr Omoyele Sowore Vs The Federal Republic of Government of Nigeria.

To start with, as at the time I picked my ballpoint to write an article extensively about the very recent occurrence, I received a consolation cum admonishments from the inner mind, which placated me with a directive of the path to tread in order to  ensure the attainment of the unflinching sanity gear all my strengths to sustain. I and also got pieces of advice from mentors, which one is, “Monday, if you must lament, you should had 6thbetter lament unceasingly while your ballpoint keep Inkling the corrective fluids to emend the anomalies and the Constitutional faded walls”.
The issue that instigate or fuel this in-boiling desires to write this article, actually occurred on the 6th of December, 2019. And this particular issue opened the undemocratic practices of Nigeria to the global view. In this cause, I will cite an prevalent African Adage “When the Head is weak,  it becomes a burden to the bearer”, so, this conspicuous synecdoche depicts a factual point that the sole Head should always carry out it expected responsibilities reposed on it constitutionally not the other way around.  Having opined that, it is the constitutional obligation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Armed Forces in Nigeria to ensure peaceful and secured lifes of the Citizenries. As it is candidly enshrined in S.14(A)(B) of the 1999 CFRN as amended in 4th March, 2011.  And also one of the legal maxims says Salus populi suprema lex esto (The welfare of the people is to be the highest law)” although this has no place to stand in Federal Republic of Nigeria. Using the case of “Mr Omoyele Sowore Vs The Federal Republic of Nigeria” as a delicate case to dwell on profusely, the wrestling action of the DSS in the Court room on the 6th of this month was callous, obnoxious and it was tantamount to nothing but a travesty of Mr Omoyele Sowore’s fundamental human right as gazetted in S.39(3)(9) & S.14(A)(B) of the 1999 CFRN as amended on the 4th of March, 2011, the former section mentioned thereup which mandate a Citizenry to air his opinion, while the latter section mandate the Government to seek and ensure the welfare of her people (Citizenries) not just to gazette undemocratic and obnoxious ill-fatedly orchestrated orders to override the fundamental human rights of her Citizenries. Candidly, it would not be counted erroneous to me in toto, if I opine here this Legal Maxim “Vox populi(Voice of the people)” going with this, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary should have acted as the voices of the people. And without missing out a point, I candidly know that all of those Arms are deliberately falling short of their expected reposed duties.

So, the occurrence in the Court room which I describe as “an undemocratic executive order in disguise” was not just an obnoxious action orchestrated to place the fundamental human right the Citizenry in question in detriment, it was also a “Contempt of Court as it is enshrined S.133(3)(9) of Criminal Code Act CCA. With humble and meek stance as a writer, I would want to ask “if there can be anything that could be done to those DSS who maliciously put o\nn such cruel action to rape the Law in broad daylight?” And also their action blatantly quashed the already taken decision of the Honourable Court.
However; without thorough contemplations, I frankly known that this unconstitutional order from the Weak Head is motives behind the initiation of the Law I do call ‘Draconian Law’ (Hate Speech Bill) that would be utilized to padlock the mouth of her Citizenries. So that whenever an occurrence of this nature surfaces that attracts the attentions of the public, they would not anything regards to it antagonistically. Because of Death penalty phobia that would be engendered in them as a result of the passage of this Proposed Draconian Bill. And without being told this cruel Bill that National Assembly et alia are breathing stronger to adjudicate, it leaves would be poisonous to the fundamental human rights of the Citizenries in S.39(1) of the CFRN.
In conclusion; I expect the Federal Government to act and stand up to face the reality squarely not by infriging the Constitutional rights of her Citizenries. Equally, the weak Executive Head should not wine dine to jettison this factual Legal Maxim that Nemo Malus Felix(Peace visits not the Wicked). So, whoever ill-treat his fellow man must definitely be prepared to dance to the tone of  dilapidated songs of nemeses.

I hereby drop my inkling ballpoint for now.



This is a blind seeing, a deaf hearing and equivalently a mute speaking societal or governmental challenges of the citizens or electorates in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To start with, I want to, with sypnosis of time give the brief Constitutional definition of Citizen. Who is a Citizen? According to Chapter 111 S.25(1)(a)(b)(c) define Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria “as every person born in Nigeria before the date of Independence, either of whose parents or any of wadequate provision of an equitable educational opportunities at all levelshose grandparents belongs to a community indigenous to Nigeria“. In Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Chapter11 S.14(2)(a) posits the individual rights of the

citizens in this country (Nigeria), as to what a citizen is capable of doing in terms of giving power to those seeking it. It equally places the citizens in the honey ground of recognitions in the coast of Federal Republic of Nigeria, when it comes to electoral capability. It undermines electoral godfatherism/godmotherism and recognises the citizens/electorates who are of the age of 18 years, as the determinant factors in the electoral endeavour and to seciring position in the state, as it is enshrined in the Electoral Act of 2010 S.12(1)(5). In contrary; in today’s practice, this has turned a regrettable story for the gods. Now, the bequeathed legal rights of the electorates have been overridden, downthrown and overruled by the so called politicians whom the electorates sheepishly elected.

Therefore; the electorates which ought to have been the sovereign heads in determining who and who not to occupy the position they are aspiring to. Albeit, they have metamorphosed everything with their affluence, influence and connection, and they have made the weapon of the social, mentioned thereup as the determinant factors in securing power into any governmental Position in Federal Republic of Nigeria. And the Criminal Code Act strictly stands against bribery and corruption, as it is enshrined in S.98a, 98b, 98c 98d of the Criminal Code Act, albeit; they would still blatantly and grossly infringe or commit an heinous crime with impunity incessantly, under the clear eyes and noses of the Force.

Moreso; over the time, the rights of the citizens are not being contravened but also suffer murders in the hands of the rulers who they cowardly voted in. And whenever any move is to be made, they (the rulers) would vehemently silent the revolutionaries with money, it is either by using the Forces as their tools to execute their obnoxious actions or to smart down the voices of the commoners on the streets. They who ought to have been the protector human dignities and to equivalently ensure orderliness in the Society, they are always being utilized terrorised the peace of the people. Over the years, the rulers and the Forces have served as fiercest and cruel archenemies to the Citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria since her independence in 1960 and her Republic in 1963 respectively. In the case of the Aba Women Riot of 1929, Homo homini lupus; when human beings turned fierce beast to their fellow human beings, in terms of exploitations, over taxing, intimidations, marginalisation et al.

However; in S. 18(1) of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, assured her citizens adequate provision of an equitable educational opportunities at all levels, but this constitutional promises, which the Federal Government ought to have fulfilled, they have blatantly fallen short of it. Also, it is enshrined in Subsection3(A,B,C,D) of the Federal Constitution, all the expected projects that would have enriched the Citizens cognitively or academically, which the Federal Government has eyes-openedly abandoned.

Nevertheless; it is extremely appalling to have seen the dungeons on which the Legal Rights of the Citizens are being thrown. There is no room or space, which was at the initial stage constitutionally paved for equity but the heavybellied have abruptly denied them of it. It is coherently posited in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in S.17(1)(2a,b) that equality, dignity, freedom, and justice et al, shall be the most esteemed, cardinal and cherished factors in the proper sanctification of the Country and her Citizens. But the reverse is the case here; “this is a country where there is a dichotomies between what had been written down a Constitution and what has been laid down to be followed by the Rulers”. It is a country where a rich man’s son and a poor man’s son would be apprehended with the same level of offence, but that rich man’s son would be granted bail while that of the poor man’s be abandoned there in the Cell, and probably, he may even be used in exchange for an influential personality that was formerly convicted to death for an heinous crime he committed. Although I still believe confidently, that this constitutional breaching/menace could be curbed, if some points that will be subsequently postulated to preempt it recurrence would be adhered to.

In conclusion; I optimistically believe that, to remedies this “constitutional upheavals or scratch my back and I will stab you back” that are inherent in the daily ventures of Government. If the followings can be adapted to or adopted, trust me, here would be a good place to dwell:

GOOD BEHAVIOUR : To ensure apt conduct, we must at the first part, put on good behaviours, so that, the raw face of the law can be crisscrossedly faced by those who infringed the law. Ubi jus ibi remedium, it is a Legal Maxim which means “where there is a right, there is a remedy”. So, if this is being adhered to by the Ruled and the Rulers, the Nigeria Constitutional sanity and dignity would be restored et alia.

REVOLUTION: Revolution can also do best in this wee period, other advanced or developed countries in technologies and hitherto have tried it and it worked for them favourably. Countries like France had experienced revolution, which was called, French Revolution in 1789/1790s, America also experienced revolution from 19th April 1775 and it ended with half-cooked peace in 3rd September 1783, and this led to America Independence in July 1776, and therefore graced her appellation with the name United State of America. Russia was not in exception, Russia Revolution which started in March 8th 1917 and ended in November 7th 1917, to mention but a few. So far so good; I would say that revolution is always a solid and we’ll structured edifice where a State can run into when battling with cumbersome issues, and equally whenever her sanity or the well being of her Citizens are at stake.

I hereby rest my case; by saying that the policies mentioned thereup should be considered as it may be most significantly sacrosanct.


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Name: Omoh Monday Omokhagbor Desmond.
School: University of Benin (UNiben)& University of Nigeria (UNN).

Distinguished Comrades,
Frontline Students,
Amiable Ladies and Gentlemen.

Motto: Nemo Malus Felix: peace visits not the guilty mind.


         First and foremost; this article is to ignite some extrapolating lights on the age-long/archaic Okpella ideology in selection, politicking, representation and in employment consideration, and the concise explicit scrutiny of its contents, its embedded hope for the society, if there is any. Or its place in the all and sundry developmental advancement in Okpella. The survey of its pros and cons in alignment with Okpella as the centre of discourse. This age-long ideology is not developmental, it is retarding. It is not progressive, it is anachronistic. It is not hospitably fused, it is hostile. It is not jovial to to communal unity, it has a fostering force of segregation. It is not moral, it is quickening immorality of all kinds in the society (cultism, cybercrime, disorderliness, indecency, hatred et alia). All these practices which would also take age-long time to curb, so, it is high time we jettisoned this ideology that is one-way-faced, positively purported, but selfishly practiced. A one time president of America(Abraham Lincoln) once stated that; “the action and inaction of any government should be beneficial to the general”. While Godluck Ebele Jonathan says; “harmony is not found in a place where disharmony and its brothers, segregation and discrimination dwell”. Therefore, the sole objective of this article is to x-ray the multitudinous nightmares, daydreams, shadows and flashes that Okpella as a honey and milky community had, which this age-long ideology preempt from structuring their feet in the coast of Okpella.
However; this is a land where all the necessary resources to make a good and advanced standards of living are being sufficiently made, but those people that Philip Umeh in his poem (The Ambassadors of Poverty) calls “the Office loafers” are the people diverting the resources for the enrichment of their ancestors. If all the flashes must be retained, Okpellans must always go with empty bellies and return with empty bellies adventurously without being filled, just to ensure that the envisaged progress are being realised. It must also be a principle that I call, “the principle of Abraham sacrificial mission without a ram”. I will digress a little bit to make this point Crystal clear with the words of Mother Theresa, she once says; “For an utopian society to be achieved, the minds of the people must be gain-freed and focus on the unseen gains”. Let us shake off the heavy wind of mediocrity to embrace the cozy hands of meritocracy (let us make it a place where Merit will be celebrated and given consideration with utmost consciousness). Let us discard this biblical injunction which has turned into a monumental circumstantial footprints in our practices daily; “I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth”. If Okpella must foster developmentally, we must have our fruitful flashes sustained, we must gear all the necessary efforts as a preemptive measure to immune or vaccinate the infestious ideologies and the most celebrated system I call; “Ordealocracy” which is morphologically given as follow: “ordeal means an experience that is very unpleasant or difficult” while “Cracy means a system of government or theory of Social organization”. Therefore; “Ordealocracy is simply a form or system of government or theory of social organization where the ruled experience harsh treatment, unpleasantness and difficulties from the ruler(s)”. In the above system of government, Okpella as a community is not undoubtedly excepted.
Nevertheless; “Okpella in a flash”, this particular phrase can easily decipher the dungeon where Okpella as a honey and milky land is being placed. Suggestively, it is a palliative means with which Sanity would be restored to all the nooks and crannies of Okpella in terms of proper representations, and governmental challenges she might have passed through, and she must consider it sacrosanct as a sine qua non to ummask the developmental seasoned mysteries in Okpella. Although history would not forgive me, even if I give a votive offering. If I don’t talk about the adventurous mission of the patriotically centred Association in Okpella, which is known as Okpella Graduate Association (OGA). The history will not forget the endeavour of this great Association in a hurry, because her mission and the results that proceeded from it, was monumental. The foreseen flash was made possible through the unrelenting efforts of this Association (OGA), by ensuring the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Okpella and BUA et al. I unregrettably shout “OGA NA OGA O!” Because of her modus operandi and her achievements. I will resolve by saying that, every other Union or Association in Okpella should also gear their efforts in order to retain the heritage fully. I will not also make a gross mistake to forget to mention the tireless efforts of the Honourable Czarist Hon.(Mrs) Benedicta Ebuehi, the Acting Executive Head of Etsako East Local Government Area, this is an affirmation of the overused adage “that what a man can do, a woman can do it best”. Once more; more administrative zeal to your indefatigable elbow. I also ascribe eulogy to National Association of Okpella Students (NAOS) that is now anchor by an intelligentsia, a Digital Comrade and his Team mate; in a person of Comrade Goodness Okhogbe, the National President of the Association, (i see you going places my Comrade). And also NAOS UNIBEN/UBTH Chapter, which is piloted by a great technocrat and his Team Mate in the person of Comrade Joseph Eshiolese for his unrelenting efforts towards the resuscitation of NAOS in UNIBEN/UBTH Chapter, Kudo to you all!
In conclusion; let us jettison the age-long ideology so that we can forge ahead and make the best out of the worst we had thus far. I would also put this across to the Students that,” we should stand up tall, talk tall for we are born tall in the tallest Land”. Let us embrace the opened arms of education for “no society can ever discard the crippling tendencies of mediocrity and illiteracy”. I wish to see us at the top of the roof of vibrating achievements.


Wonderful Creature!

    What a wonderful Creature
    Created with enough splendour
    Her smile muses and fuses love
    Hope and determination
    Her presence creates hopes in place

    Her determinations cast off the
    heavy weights of regrets and doubts
    and kiss confidence,
    Her dark skin ignites the dark hearts,
    Her titted teeth mend the thorny
    torn heart,
    Her toil for excellence Kindles the
    failed mind.

    At her entry, the future applauds the
    landlord of her abode,
    At her look, silence shows its
    presence in the face of her admirers,
    At her embracement, intelligentsia
    withholds its excellent absence,
    At her sight, insights are infused

   Without her, destinies would count
   it worthless,
   Without her, profession would be an
   insipid taste of scrumptious honey,
   Without her, dreams would be a
   mere mental fallacies,
   Without her, history would seem
   fictionally cooked without
   the prerequisites condiments.

The world awaits what you hold      for your admirers!      What a creature created with a
       refined diamond!
       What a creature created with a
       glittering diamond!